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Easter Fun And Yum For Kids!

Yum For Kids Magazine features two of our products in their Easter Fun Day photo shoot.

Totally Easter Fun With Tips!

Yum For Kids offers tips for parties and kids festivities, recipes to ease your party planning, activities for you and your children to do each season through out the year!

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Get your Easter fun started with tastefully decorating for the festivities!
Easter Fun - Yum For Kids - 11 Inch Bunny Plate.Our Bunny Plate is featured with the Rice Krispies« Treats Baskets. The plate can be found here: 11 inch Bunny Plate.

The image below shows our carrot picture which can be found on the same plate as the Bunny Plate.
One thing is for sure these cute Easter Decorations can make your backyard the perfect back drop for your Easter Fun!
Our carrot picture makes a lovely background with the other Easter items.
Yum For Kids - Easter Fun Credits - Shopping Page.

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Added Tips By Us For Easter Fun

Easter is starting to be just as commercial as Christmas and Halloween. Decorating a tree for Easter is now not as uncommon in the US as a few years ago. Although Easter Trees have been around for quite sometime in Europe, it slowly made it's way to North America. Now it is a popular decoration for the season as much as decorated eggs are. Easter Decorations can be costly so we have come up with a few ways to be kind on your pocketbook!

Some Budget Conscience Ways To Make An Easter Tree

To make a tree you can easily find a nice branch. Place into something to keep it up right and sturdy. You could use a planter filled with rocks, decorative glass, or even dirt. If you want you can cover the bottom with some nice moss, Easter grass, or a tree skirt should do fine.

Next you will want to make some decorations for your tree. You can blow out eggs by tapping a small hole on either end of the egg, then blow out the inside of the eggs. Make sure to run water though it to clean it good. Then the eggs will be light enough to hang on your tree. You can decorate your eggs with glitter, ribbon, paints, and food coloring. Use ribbon to make a loop to hang on the tree.

Other Things To Decorate With

Marshmallow peeps can easily be made into ornaments. Take a needle and thread and put it through the top of the peeps and form a loop. Then hang them on your tree. You can also string the peeps up as a garland and use around the tree or for decoration elsewhere.

Popcorn has always been a favorite to hang on a Christmas tree, why not on  an Easter Tree also? Popcorn can also be dyed. So some pink popcorn kernels can really make a homemade Easter Tree stand out.

You will need powdered food coloring, you can find this in cake supply stores. Most large supermarkets have a Wilton cake isle, that would be the first place to look.

To dye your popcorn, string your popcorn first. Kids will really enjoy stringing the popcorn. Place the stringed popcorn in a bag, leaving room to shake it. Put food coloring in the bag and give it a good shake to evenly spread the dye. Place a few drops of water in the bag to make the color set. Make sure to let the popcorn dry well and then it will be ready to hang on your tree.

You can also use spray adhesive on your popcorn garland and sprinkle colored sugar or glitter on it.

When making an Easter tree or Easter decorations think of other things to use such as jelly beans, construction paper, dyed coconut, and more! You and your children will have fun and also be able to snack at the same time!