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Easter Flowers And Accessories

We are offering Easter silk flowers and accessories to complement your Easter decor in your

Spring Floral Accessories And Flowers

Easter Stuff offers lovely Spring floral and flowers to decorate your home.

Yellow Tulips

Item Name: Yellow Silk Easter Tulips
Item Number: KK-B1293
Price: $4.95 EA
Easter Silk Flowers - Easter Flower Accessories - Yellow Tulips. Beautiful and lifelike these yellow tulips will give a Spring time feel to your home. The tulips are 31 inches long.

11 Inch Bunny Vase

Item Name: 11 Inch Bunny Vase
Item Number: KK-B4005
Price: $16.95
Easter Silk Flowers - Easter Flower Accessories - Bunny Vase. This bunny vase matches our bunny serving plates. Would look great with some tulips in it, either live or silk! Made from ceramic. Vase is 11 inches high and 6 inches in diameter. Matches our Bunny Plates in our Serving Trays page.

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17 Inch Potted Yellow Hyacinth

Item Name: Potted Yellow Hyacinth
Item Number: KK-B4050
Price: $18.95
Easter Silk Flowers - Easter Flower Accessories - Potted Yellow Hyacinth. Perfect for Spring and Easter this potted life like bulb. Great for your living areas to give a dash of warm sunshine and Spring.

Cream Tulips

Item Name: Cream Tulips
Item Number: KK-B1295
Price: $4.00EA
Easter Silk Flowers - Easter Flower Accessories - Cream Tulips. 31 inches long and would make a good mix with the yellow tulips.

Cream Gerber Daisy

Item Name: Cream Gerber Daisy
Item Number: kk-B4122
Price: $3.50EA
Easter Silk Flowers - Easter Flower Accessories - Cream Gerber Daisy. Nothing says Spring like Gerber Daises! These are really great floral arrangement mixers! 23 inches long.

Spring Herb Basket

Item Name: Spring Herb Basket
Item Number: OWI32083
Price: 12.95
Easter Stuff - Spring Decorations - Spring Foilage - Herb Basket. Brighten up your home with some springtime foliage! This spring herb arrangement measures 7 X 12 X 12 inches.

Blush Gerber Daisies

Item Name: Blush Gerber Daisies
Item Number: KK-B4120
Price: $3.50EA
Easter Silk Flowers - Easter Flower Accessories - Blush Gerber Daisies.

Rabbit Holding Cabbage Planter

Item Name: Rabbit Cabbage Planter
Item Number: AA-37866
Price: $29.95
Easter Decorations - Easter Home Decor - Rabbit Cabbage Planter. This cute little planter with a rabbit holding some cabbage would make a cute Springtime decoration. Place a couple of tulips in it to add a splash of Spring color. The planter measures 7H X 8W X 4.5D inches.